About Me


Hi there. My name is Richard Jackson and I am the founder of the Birmingham & Solihull Health Scan website. I thought you might be interested to know how I got into all this so here is my personal story.

My Story so far: - Richard C Jackson

During a busy and pressured corporate life, that I thoroughly enjoyed, I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer. At the age of 54, pretty fit and, as I thought, healthy.
I had also torn open the mitral valve in my heart and neither of these events gave me any pain however, both were life-threatening – and began changing my life!
After the necessary surgery over the next 12 months, I recovered to get back to work and continued to do what I had always done – a big mistake!

10 years later, despite being given the all clear from my oncologist, cancer came back in my pancreas, adrenal gland and lung. I was given a 24, month, prognosis put on chemotherapy and I decided I had to find a way of sorting this out – I was not ready to go just yet!


I began to research cancers and general illness, discovering that over the last 50 years, illness of all kinds has increased, and still increasing, rapidly.

Why? What has changed over this time?

Well, food is less nutritional, the ground has far fewer minerals in it for the plants to convert to an edible source. Everything on the planet relies on the nutrition from plants – they provide or should provide, all the 90 nutrients our bodies need – every single day!
So, if we don’t have those nutrients (and currently a third of the nutrition is missing), it is inevitable that we get more cancers, more heart issues, more skin and bone issues – already being shown by Cancer Research UK, The World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry.

It was stated by the WHO that the world only has 100 harvests left before we cannot feed the people on our planet. This is absolutely shocking!

Prevention has to be the answer for us all – I changed my diet completely, changed my lifestyle, my outlook and through this, targeted supplements and careful research with specialists from all over the globe. I had to change the environment in my body so that cancer struggles to survive.

I am happy to meet and talk with anyone who wants more information and education so, contact me anytime for a private, confidential and honest discussion.

When I discovered the S3 Scanner, I brought this into my business as an amazing tool to identify the early warnings of potential ill health – a must for everyone in my opinion. At least then we can do something about it in advance, and before we become ill.

Why not arrange a Scan with me and help monitor your own health?